During these difficult times, we are refraining from performing estate sales. We must all be safe.

What we are doing, is putting entire estates on line!

A woman called recently who is living in Milan(!) and whose condo was under contract to close yesterday. With the threats of shutdowns, we worked to clear her condo out and account for everything – while keeping our staff working in the background, we are putting almost the entire estate on eBay – to already great success!

Oh, the condo sale went through and our client is relieved!

Our eBay ID is huntandpeckauctions where you can find tons of great object de art, clothing, furniture, listed artists, and everything else!

Hunt & Peck, LLC has now branched out to offer Hunt & Peck Estate Sales, LLC services through our parent company, Nova Liquidation, LLC.

While Nova Liquidation typically performs estate buyouts, there are times when an estate sale is more advantageous for the client. Estates that are good candidates for a successful sale have the following attributes:

  1. Pieces that include high-end contemporary designer furniture.
  2. Such items sell better within the communities and neighborhoods they sit because the homes and local tastes are similar.
  3. If your home has large, oversized furniture, so does your neighbor etc…
  4. The home sits in a desirable neighborhood among similar, well furnished homes
  5.  Access to ample parking. Estate sales draw hundreds of people and parking is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!
  6.  A flexible time table that would allow time for a proper setup and final cleanout.
  7. Enough content to insure a sale will produce at least $10,000 in expected gross receipts.

If your home meets these criteria, then we can help. Otherwise a buyout from Nova Liquidation is your better choice.


An estate sale is an sales event that takes place inside the home that is open to the public for a limited time.

The estate sale agent is responsible for organizing and pricing items in the home, advertising the sale, hosting the sale during an agreed time period, and providing a cleanout solution for the owner upon conclusion.

For this service, the sales agent charges the estate a commision.

Most sales take about one week to organize some time prior to the sale, and sales are usually held Friday-Sunday, with Sunday as the discount day.

Once the sale is over, Nova Liquidation,LLC will either purchase the remaining contents if there is remaining value, or will charge the estate to empty the property.


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“Hunt & Peck Estate Sales went above and beyond with our downsizing. They provided top-shelf service and instilled
great knowledge as to the value of items in our home. Downsizing was difficult;  our kids didn’t want any of our things, and moving to a smaller home was hard.

Your turn-key service made it so much easier, faster and efficient than any other option in the area“

- Happy client in the DMV